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Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Cleanup
Residential and Commercial

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Water Damage Repair and Cleanup

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1) Voge Inc Technicians will locate and repair the source of the water leak.

2) The cleanup process begins with water extraction and removal.

3) We protect & move your home furnishings out of the affected areas

4) Our Certified Technicians Start the Dry-Out Process As Soon As Possible

If you have a water related emergency that causes damage or floods your home or business, Call Voge for the water damage repair and clean up specialist.

We need to start the water damage repair process immediately, so that it does not cause secondary damage to your home or office. Our Technician will visit your property to determine the extent of the damage:

1)The certified technician will take moisture readings to see what has been affected and the extent of the water damage.

2) We use electronic instruments that will read out the percentage of moisture in the floors and walls etc. These electronic readings help us determine the level of saturation from the initial onset and pin point the water damage.

3) Provide moisture readings of the entire dry out process. To insure that there is no secondary water damage or possibility of mold growth

4) The water damage is documented and photographed.

5) We set up the specialized drying equipment to facilitate proper dry out and water clean up.

So the idea is that we are mitigating damage by stopping it in its track. And preventing any additional damage to the home or office. Once the dry out process starts it can take anywhere from 3 to 5 days normally.

Water Damage Clean Up and Repair depends on the nature of the water source:

1) Is it a clean water source?

2) Are there sanitary issues?

3) How much water saturation took place and progressed?

4) We will move or store your house hold belongings to prevent any further damage.

All of the above is discussed with our Technician in the first visit to your home or office. He will explain what the findings are and what the next step is. If you have never had an insurance claim before our certified technician will explain the process.

1) We do help with the assistance of communication with the adjuster.

2) We will provide our client everything they need in terms of documentation and photographs.

3) The Technician will meet with the adjuster on site.

4) You can call into the office for answers to any question you may have.

Communication is key for the home owner and for the insurance company so that all parties concerned are kept in the loop, in terms of what the next step is. It is such a traumatic experience for the home owner because it changes their day to day activities. From the most minor water damage that may have affected their bathroom,It represents a change in your normal routine.

Cleaning up water damage from hard surfaces like tile and stone is easy. Moisture can permanently ruin these surfaces and permanently damage flooring. You want to take precautions to minimize these damages. If that is not possible you may want to consider materials that are more durable and resistant to mold or mildew development.

We understand this so we want to make this a seamless and effortless process. And as stress free as possible in an already stressful situation. Voge Inc is the #1 choice and water restoration company.

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